Al SAP Business One per HANA, el servei del SBOMailer no envía els fitxers adjunts. Això resol el problema:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Path tab, and set a shared folder (e.g. \\server\folder\folder) as the Attachment folder.
    This shared folder can be on either a MS Windows or a Linux machine.
  2. Send a test email with an attachment.
    Ignore it if the attachment is missing. 
  3. Execute the following query in the SAP HANA studio against the schema in question:
       select top 1 “Attachment” from OALR order by “Code” Desc
    The result looks like “\\server\folder\folder\Item Master Data__1.pdf“.
  4. Copy the result to a text editor, remove the file name, and replace the back slash (\) with the forward slash (/). The folder path is as follows:
    As the application is case-sensitive, we recommend that you copy the result rather than type the folder path.
  5. Create an empty folder on the Linux server, for example: /mnt/sbomailer.
  6. Mount the folder path from step 4 to the empty folder created in step 5 (again, please copy the results), using the following command: (Please replace ${username} and ${password}with an account which has read and write permissions to the shared folder): 
       mount -t cifs -o user=${username},pass=${password} //server/folder/folder /mnt/sbomailer
  7. After mounting the folder, use the cp command to test if the files in the folder can be read.
  8. Test the settings by again sending some emails with attachments. 

Font original: Nota de SAP 2091232